What’s in a Name?

Business was booming at planet E studios, so why did we change our name?

The short answer is that we tried to trademark the planet E name, but a guy in Detroit had already swiped it for his record label. He included “digital music videos” among his products and services. Not that he has released one, and we have produced several. But who’s counting? The moral of the story is: no matter how unusual or original you believe your company name is, check it out first on the government search engine www.uspto.gov

And that’s my hot business tip for the day.

We toyed with the name Yellow Pine Studios, after our street name, but I discovered in researching the name that the actual red pine tree is near extinction due to excessive cutting, so we can honor a tree that needs our help. Conservation and technology. We need something earthy yet tech-y.

Check out our new website at www.redpinestudios.com to find out more about us!


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One response to “What’s in a Name?

  1. Beth Smith

    I love the name change! Fabulous!

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