Why choose Digital Cinema?

Ok, so here are the technical reasons for choosing Digital Cinema. Here is my sound bite on it:


Those are the reasons that clients should prefer RED Digital Cinema. The enhanced resolution and colorspace means that they can future-proof their footage and get the best possible image quality available at an affordable price. Great images, best color, maximum resolution, and great value. That’s what a client needs to know.

Now onto the personal stuff. Who is still with me?

Since I began making serious videos in the year 2000, I realized that I had spent over $11,000 on new camera gear, chasing after whatever tiny enhancements Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and JVC would offer. This was just for my personal use, before I even started up video production as a business. Then along came a camera-obsessed billionaire who said that he was as frustrated as I was! (a kindred spirit, minus the billionaire part…).

He promised to make a camera that would put an end to the trickleware business model of the major camera manufacturers, and he promised that he would sell me one at a reasonable price. And lo and behold, he did it! And that camera is RED, the revolution in video production which is now known as Digital Cinema.

That’s my kind of paradigm-busting billionaire. Bringing Hollywood tools into the hands of the little guys. With the release of RED, the democratization of the video revolution is complete.

I’m the gear guru and visionary at Red Pine–resistance was futile! I hadda have one!

300 cameras will be delivered by the end of December. Mine is #1008. Should be here by February. Meanwhile, the Canon XH A1 is still a rockin’ good camera, another industry best, and we’ll be giving our set of A1s a pretty good work-out before the RED arrives.

Even if you’re not a client and just want to check out the new arrival, call me and we’ll set something up. I’m always happy to talk shop with fellow gear-heads.


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