Lots Going On…

RED camera testing and preparation has not left much time for blogging. We are winding down our testing phase. What am I saying, winding down?? DJ has just left for France, where she is spending the next two months shooting an indie feature film with our camera gear. The director is a French landscape photographer whose film is inspired by Jacques-Henri Lartigue – esque aethestics.


Lartigue completely inspired my dissertation back in the doctorate days, so I am completely jealous, from an artistic standpoint. But someone has to stay home and keep the studio fires burning. C’est moi….

In other news, you can see results of our testing and playing with the RED camera and also my trip to NAB to check out the array of RED accessories. We have been chatting with other video producers at various video info sites about some of the results.

Warning: this is only for gearheads who can appreciate and enjoy a lot of techie camera analysis. That’s why I didn’t post any of it here, to prevent boring our client base who may be reading this, to death.

Chris Hurd from DVinfo gave me a press pass to NAB, so that I could investigate RED accessories, and I posted a bunch of footage from the RED booth and of RED accessories…


We had a test day with another RED owner and Jim Arthurs, our cinema expert, who does VFX work for Hollywood films. He wanted to test his own recent purchase, an EX-1, against the RED, and here is a thread that he started with some of the results:


And lastly, a link to my DVinfo tech-head blog:


So we haven’t abandoned blogging these past few weeks, we have just been blogging our fool brains out all over the web. Bringing it all home now….


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