The Boulder Peak Triathlon on TV – Watch it August 26

We just put the finishing touches on our first national television broadcast, the Boulder Peak Triathlon, which we shot on July 20th. Air date is August 26 on Versus, 4-5 pm.

Here is the complete listing (note that it re-plays on September 5, if the August date doesn’t work for you):

The same folks who bring you the Tour de France and the NHL games are broadcasting our show. That’s Channel 73 in Boulder. Shooting, editing, and delivering an eight-camera production (while making it look like twice as many cameras…) in three weeks’ time is no small feat! Not to even mention all of the pre-production and pre-roll that goes into telling the story of a triathlon and its athletes. We had our cameras out on 18 different shoots before July 20 even rolled around….

The mastering for a national broadcast is a ton of work. Four separate Digibeta tapes, with 3 different sets of specs, run sheets, cue sheets, closed captioning, scripts. The mastering alone is a week’s worth of work and cost around $1400 just for materials and transfers. These shows are not cheap to produce. Now I really have my arms around what it costs to make a good broadcast happen and hope that I can turn this opportunity into even greater opportunities for our studio and for the planet. I have a few amazing ideas, and if anyone is reading this and wants to be part of a truly special and inspiring project, shoot me an email at

My thanks to Barry and Jodee Siff at 5430 Sports for giving us this opportunity to break on through to the other side of our craft. These are exciting times.


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One response to “The Boulder Peak Triathlon on TV – Watch it August 26

  1. Robin LeFey

    Meryem, You accomplished a TREMENDOUS amount in the few weeks you had to produce, write, direct, edit, master, closed caption and deliver the triathlon (all on a shoestring budget). You rock! The show is memorable for it’s great shots of Boulder, your inspiring interviews, cool shots of the athletes in motion, your ability to convey the excitement and suspense of a race, and all the while to inspire viewers and generate a little planetary love with Bary Siff’s recycling accomplishments. You are an amazingly talented artist and technician. I can’t wait to see your future projects!

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