NAB ’09


Motorola booth at Nab '09

Motorola booth at Nab '09


Another view of the booth

Another view of the booth

The National Association of Broadcasters is one of the film and video industry’s biggest trade shows. So it was a real treat and an unexpected surprise to see some of my footage showing on the trade show floor in the Motorola booth. It was just two clips of slo-mo kayaking footage, a bit of stock footage that I had placed with a distributor, but still fun to see it in a public space, especially a public space frequented by my colleagues and associates.

Also fun was recognizing some other stock footage showing on the floor, a bit by my friend and UWOL partner Kevin Railsback, shot in Africa and screened in the Panasonic booth and also a short video which included footage of my friend and Steadicam operater Alan Dague-Green, in the Tiffen booth. It is wonderful to be part of such a talented community of image makers.


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