Jobs at Red Pine Studios – Tips for job searchers

Is it spring? Or is it the economy? I don’t know, but we are getting a TON of unsolicited requests for employment.

If you are looking for a production job, then I will want to see an online demo reel. Next to word-of-mouth and your connections in the local industry, this is the single most important tool that you will need for a successful job search in film and video production. Your portfolio is your ticket to ride.

If you don’t have one, you should be out there shooting every free project that you can, until you have enough material to put an online demo together and have also figured out how to get it online in a viewable form. (Hint: Myspace, while viewable, doesn’t speak favorably towards your professionalism, put it on Vimeo, if you must use one of the free sites…) That is how it is done. 

The second thing is, you need to research a bit about who we are and what we do and show us why what we do is a fit with your skills and interests. If you are just pulling names from CPRG and sending around generic requests for employment, it will show. Your description of your experiences should have something to do with your perception of what we do.

I probably received over 50 unsolicited requests in the past year. I considered only 5 of those people, based on the “second thing”. They didn’t just want a job. They wanted to work with us and they could tell me exactly why. 

This is not just relevant to our studio. This is how it is done. This is the pathway to a job in this field, working with people who you will enjoy. This is a profession that is built around passion for what we do – let your light shine down.


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