Thrills and Chills with Spectrauma Media

Here is the press release for our latest upcoming project. While our studio tends to gravitate more towards inspirational content rather than spooky stuff, this should be a lot of fun to shoot. We have a number of interesting locations lining up and some talented actors. The biggest draw towards this project is the chance to collaborate with Michael. I should be able to learn a few things from working within his poetic visual style – you can watch his demo reel online here.


Red Pine Studios, LLC has contracted with Spectrauma Media, LLC to produce the forthcoming feature film Spectrauma.

 The screenplay was written by Michael Lauter of Spectrauma Media. Lauter will also direct the film. At the 2008 Denver Underground Film Festival, Lauter was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to independent filmmaking. Spectrauma is his third full-length feature film production. 

Lauter’s new psychological thriller follows a group of brilliant graduate students, whose academic curiosity leads them into the darkest realms of applied science. These Ph.D. candidates make a major breakthrough in quantum computer architecture. Their device is so ingeniously designed that it awakens the team to disturbing possibilities. One by one, the students involved with the research go mad, missing… or both.

Red Pine will shoot the film on ultra-high definition RED digital cinema cameras. This will be the first feature film in Colorado shot entirely using Red Pine’s fast Arri Master Prime lenses. These lenses are specifically designed for maximum performance in extreme low-light situations and will be especially suited for capturing the film’s dark, edgy mood.

Red Pine will also provide a variety of pre-production services. Auditions will take place at Red Pine’s facility in North Boulder through August. Principal photography will take place in September and October and will showcase several unique Boulder and Front Range locations. For more information or to learn more about the available roles, contact


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