Psychological Thriller “Spectrauma” Wrapped on October 17

Click here to view a Slideshow of stills from recently wrapped feature film “Spectrauma” – written and directed by Michael Lauter, starring Migina Tsai, Trevor Nelson, Pamela Bell, and Chandan Prithiani. Djuna was the Director of Photography, and I was camera operator. Although the truth is, everybody did lots of everything. We had an outstanding cast and crew who worked intense hours to meet a 17-day shoot schedule on locations throughout Colorado — including Flagstaff mountain, the Denver Nature and Science Museum, an optics lab in Denver, the CU campus, the Grant-Humphreys mansion, and a super-secret undisclosed location, which you will have to watch the film to see. Shot on our RED cameras using Arri Master Prime T1.3 fast lenses for superior low light performance.

“Spectrauma” is a psychological thriller about a group of graduate students whose resonance experiments lead them into some shadowy depths of the real and imaginary. Michael Lauter will be overseeing post-production. Release is currently scheduled for 2010. 

Thanks to Migina Tsai and Cat Cordova for contributing many of the photographs to our slideshow. For a more in-depth account of the journey, read Migina’s production blog at: Full Rich

On location at the Grant-Humphreys mansion in Denver

On location at the Grant-Humphreys mansion in Denver


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