Shining a Light on a Serious Issue

Josh Brown shooting human trafficking doc with our camera systems

We do a bit of pro bono work each year for causes that we care about. This year, instead of shooting for a good cause, we lent out a load of gear to a group of young filmmakers in Oregon who are making a feature documentary on the topic of human trafficking. They spent five weeks in Mexico shooting footage and interviews on the topic. I met one of the main shooters, Josh, on an internet forum for RED camera users, and when he said he needed cameras for this project, I didn’t hesitate. I sent him two boxes of cameras, mics, and support equipment. It was an act of faith – I didn’t even know the filmmakers involved in the production. I just knew that I needed to offer them a hand. This is important work, on an important topic, with some obvious risks involved in shooting under tough conditions.

I have spent a lot of time in Mexico, and my daughter was born in Tijuana. In the months that I lived there, the footprint of human trafficking was all around us. There were young kids in the streets, begging and soliciting, the obvious victims of exploitation. It was heart-breaking to witness. It’s a huge problem around the world.

We can’t begin to solve it. But we can try to shed a little light on a serious issue. The group has returned from Mexico, my equipment should be finding its way home soon, and their group has begun post-production. I’ll be very interested in seeing how their work turns out. They have a blog about their experiences at


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  1. francis paulino

    sir i really one of the people who adictied to your sit everyday i have to open it so i just read what you wrote and really help me alot i’m a guy who study media in sudan and i tell u media in sudan is not like your up there so because of u i produce to doucmentry i know it will not be in standerd but what i read i just apply it so what i want to say

    thank you so much sir

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