Upcoming Events and New Directions

The Red Pine blog has gone into radio silence lately. We have been very busy working on developing a feature film entitled MIND’S EYE: http://www.minds-eyemovie.com/

There’s quite a few moving parts to developing a feature film: casting, location scouting, building a crew, lots of legal and accounting. We will be traveling to Los Angeles next week, on a quest for some big name talent to attach to the film. It should be a good adventure. I will be dragging my RED camera along so that I can capture a short clip of the hillside HOLLYWOOD sign, which we will use as B-roll for the movie.

Red Pine is the manager of the film production but will be doing business under the registered trade name Black Wing Digital. Black Wing will be a separate label for the company to focus on produce its own “mind-bending media” – the types of documentaries and feature films which intrigue us most. Meanwhile, Red Pine will continue servicing our existing client base, and producing corporate, event, doc, music, and other commercial video projects which are the foundation of our business.

We are continuing to push the business in new directions, once again leading the 4K imaging revolution in Colorado. We will be shooting MIND’S EYE on a pair of EPIC-X cameras, the next generation of RED camera technology — part of it will be shot on a 3D rig, bringing this technology into the Colorado indie film community using ultra-high definition cameras in this configuration, for the very first time.

We are very excited to bring MIND’S EYE to life and are assembling an incredibly talented cast and crew. News announcements will appear primarily on the Black Wing Digital dedicated website (http://www.blackwingdigital.com) and also on the recently created Black Wing Digital Facebook page. Join the Face book fun and “Like” the page: http://www.facebook.com/BlackWingDigital

There will be opportunities for all kinds of people to participate in the production. We are always looking for extras to join our silhouette army! So jump in and join the fun. See you at the movies.


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